June 9, 2022 10:13 AM

Questioning by Lib Dem County Councillors has revealed that Herts County Council has a policy to dispose of any listed buildings that it owns to avoid dealing with the problems they pose for reducing the council's carbon emissions. This was admitted at a meeting of the council's resources and performance cabinet panel this week during a discussion about future library provision in Ware.

Liberal Democrat Environment spokesperson County Councillor Steve Jarvis said, "The council is committed to cutting its carbon emissions but, rather than deal with the problems that are posed by historic buildings, the council's strategy is apparently to sell them and leave the new owners to deal with the problem. That may cut the council's emissions but it won't help reduce carbon emissions across Hertfordshire. That's not the example that the council should be setting to residents and businesses in Herts."

"It is also not a great message to hear that the Council doesn't see any need to play its role in protecting and maintaining historic buildings in Hertfordshire. In this respect it is notable that the biggest listed building that the County Council owns is County Hall."