Conservatives vote against free school meals again

April 4, 2022 8:05 AM

Conservative County Councillors have once again voted against providing meal vouchers during the holidays for children who get free school meals during term time. In response to a Liberal Democrat motion calling for this to be done, the council's Resources Panel was told by council officers that the extension of the government's Household Support Fund would probably allow this to happen, subject to confirming the rules of the fund. Lib Dem County Councillor Steve Jarvis proposed that the panel should support this, assuming it was confirmed to be allowed.

All the Conservative members of the panel voted against doing this.

Steve Jarvis said, "I think that the County Council should be committing to providing meal vouchers in all school holidays and we explained in the Liberal Democrat budget proposals how this could be funded. The Conservatives voted this down and now they are not even prepared to commit to using money given to them by the government to extend the current voucher scheme to the summer holidays. Either the concept of agreeing this subject to checking the rules was too complex for them or they simply don't see the need to help parents feed their children all year round.

"At a time when increasing numbers of families are struggling this shows just how out of touch some of the Conservative County Councillors are."