Electric buses – but not many

March 31, 2022 9:57 AM

Herts County Council has been awarded nearly £6 million pounds to introduce 27 electric buses in Stevenage - which is good news - but this is much less than some other councils who made more ambitious bids. In comparison Oxfordshire County Council successfully bid for £32 million for 159 electric buses from the same government fund.

Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson County Councillor Steve Jarvis said, "It is good news that there are to be electric buses in Stevenage and we should congratulate those who put the successful bid together. However it is obvious that Hertfordshire has been less ambitious than other counties who have got far more funding from this scheme and will be able to introduce many more electric buses as a result. Indeed Hertfordshire's award was the second lowest of any of the successful bids.

Twelve councils made successful bids for electric bus funds ranging from £3.3 million to £36.9 million.