One crisis after another as Tories fail our most vulnerable in society

March 18, 2022 11:37 AM
Not content with failing to centrally fund social care forcing local authorities to raise council tax again, a new report now identifies the Tories latest blunder which could put the survival of Care Homes into question. The all party County Council Network report has confirmed that the Government has seriously underestimated the costs of adult social care charging reforms.
By interfering in the Care Home Self-Funding market to help their rich friends save a few pounds, the Conservatives have put the whole structure at risk. In Hertfordshire, around 50% of Care users self-fund, and if the Tory proposals are allowed to go ahead without challenge, a considerable number of Care Homes could close.
Cllr. Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Adult Care says "The County Council Network Report lays bare the Conservative failures to understand Social Care, its drivers and its needs. Not only are their funding proposals to increase National Insurance and continually increase Council Tax not enough, using the wrong methods, and aimed at the poorest in society; but this Report clearly demonstrates that the Conservatives do not understand the Social Care Market, its dynamics, and the role of local authorities within it." Cllr. Tindall went on to say that "for the so-called party of business to produce legislation that could destroy the whole market is a staggering blunder even for this government."