Another Leisure Parking Space, in Wilstone near Tring, to Improve Access to the Countryside.

December 27, 2020 10:06 PM
Originally published by West Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats
Leisure Parking at Wilstone BridgeI hope everyone is well and had a good Christmas.

Last week I noticed that Herts Highways Dept had sent me a Christmas present after all. I'm trying to sort out muddy verges and erosion of the side of the road by installing what I call "Leisure Parking" - small parking areas for one or two cars where people want to walk the dog, go for a walk themselves or go fishing or birdwatching. It's neater, saves further roadside damage and encourages active recreation and access to the countryside.
After years of asking a 2-car space has finally been constructed by the canal bridge over the Aylesbury Arm at Wilstone.
So I went down to celibrate by way of an inaugural parking and Rosemarie and I went for a walk down the canal.
It was very muddy, so do be careful. Alas I had forgotten just how slippery mud can be - and measured my full length in the mud of the towpath!
Luckily I fell backwards and nose up (rather than nose down!), my head missed a block of canalside stonework and my hat stayed (just) on the towpath.
Still, it was quite a shock and my anorak was plastered in good, black Wilstone mud - but very thankful nothing was broken.