Herts Lib Dems Challenge Flawed Speed Management Strategy

December 16, 2020 11:46 AM

Despite opposition from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives at Herts county council have voted to approve a flawed Speed Management Strategy which will make it harder to introduce 20mph zones and means that Hertfordshire has fallen behind other authorities in the widespread introduction of 20mph limits.

The new strategy, which is even more restrictive than that on which the public were consulted, will massively increase the cost of introducing 20mph limits in future and ignores work the council did on defining the characteristics of all roads in the county as a basis of identifying roads suitable for 20 mph speed limits.

The Conservative cabinet member dismissed Liberal Democrat proposals to change the strategy and introduce widespread 20mph limits as pandering to pressure groups, despite polls that show that more than 70% of people approve the introduction of 20mph limits.

Councillor Steve Jarvis said, 'The council missed an opportunity to address residents' concerns about road safety and clearly doesn't care that there is massive public support for more 20mph limits.'