Aldenham Reservoir update

July 3, 2020 11:27 AM
Originally published by Hertsmere Liberal Democrats

Hertsmere Liberal Democrats say a solution is still possible for the problems at Aldenham Reservoir, despite mounting concern about recent developments at the historic beauty spot.

The site's private owners are completing construction of a fence around the waterfront - citing health and safety reasons - which will prevent public access to sections of the perimeter footpath.

It follows a lowering of the water level earlier this year, and relates to a long-running dispute over maintenance costs and commercial use of the site.

Councillor Jerry Evans, deputy group leader of Hertsmere Liberal Democrats, said:

"It's desperately sad to witness this crisis escalate and see the reservoir in such a sorry state. Residents across the borough are feeling increasingly anxious about its future.

"The problems at the reservoir are complex, and feelings are understandably running very high. But if we remain positive, and with enough goodwill and patience on all sides, we still believe there are several viable ways of breaking the deadlock and restoring the reservoir to its former and fully-accessible glory".

"We all have to recognise that there is no simple way out of this situation. But dialogue is the first and most crucial step. We encourage the owners to resume that dialogue, with all stakeholders, and we hope too that Hertsmere Borough Council will continue to make efforts in that direction".