Herts Street Lights

June 5, 2020 10:20 AM

Conservatives show lack of commitment to climate change by generating extra carbon emissions.

The Conservative-run Herts County Council has been slammed by environmental campaigners and the Liberal Democrat opposition for its
failure to reduce carbon emissions from street lights.

The Liberal Democrats proposed at a county meeting on Tuesday that all street lights that are switched on to full illumination at 5am in the
morning be reduced to 50% illumination till 6am to save money and carbon emissions.

Such lights are already dimmed at 9pm at night by 50% to do just that.

County Officers confirmed that the lights could be changed automatically and would save emissions and money. Doing so would save 187 tonnes of CO2 emissions in Herts each year.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst said, "The Tories once again refused to listen to common sense and reason. We had
proposed this change to help protect our climate way back in early 2018 and three times since. Each time we have been ignored."

Had the Tories chosen to listen back in 2018 nearly 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions would have been stopped and the county would be £80,000 better off.".

"Whilst it is good that street lighting in the winter comes on at 5am to help early workers there is no need to have it on at full lighting and
brighter than when it is at 9pm at night! It's just crazy for the Tories to damage our environment like this. The only reason they ever say for
not agreeing is political dogma. They will not agree because we put it forward! What world do they live in!"