Conservatives Announce Same Road Improvements Twice

October 16, 2018 1:56 PM

The announcement made this week that, over the next four years, Hertfordshire County Council will be investing millions of pounds to improve local roads has been slammed by the opposing Liberal Democrats. It is announcing what was already agreed back in February all over again and
it is not "new money" as implied in the Press Release.

" With fake news doing the rounds anyone might think the press release sent out by the county council was new extra money, over and above the agreed budget for this year. In fact, it's not, it is money that was agreed and voted through in February," said Opposition Leader & Highways Spokesman, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst (Liberal Democrat).

" As a party we have campaigned long and hard for extra funds for many years but our proposals were always voted down. Now at last the Tories have smelt the coffee! They have realised they have neglected our side roads for far too long and have finally decided to do something. About time too! This extra cash agreed in Feb is a start - but had they listened to us they could have done this five years ago making our streets safer already."
"We still feel they could have done better than £5m this year - our fully costed proposals for another £3.2m were rejected".