Decisive Lib Dem Win in Northchurch in Spring By Election for Dacorum Borough Seat.

Northchurch Bye Election 2018 ResultsThe By-Election had been called after the sad death of Alan Fantham, the long-serving local councillor on both DBC and on Northchurch Parish Council. Alan was born and bred in Northchurch and had been a local cricket star.

Alan had served on DBC as a Conservative, but the party could not find anyone locally willing to stand for them. They had to ask an Aldbury resident to be their candidate instead.

Lara Pringle was selected by the Liberal Democrats as someone who has lived in the village for 16 years, been closely involved in the local community and had sent her children to the local school. She is a barrister with 25 years experience and this, plus her local knowledge, makes her an effective advocate for the people of Northchurch.

Her background and qualities were recognised by the electors and she was elected to both councils with decisive majorities.

After her remarkable win in the election of March 8th, Lara Pringle said,

"I am very grateful that so many of you have put your trust in me. It is a great honour to have been chosen to represent you at Dacorum Borough and to speak for Lara canvaassingyou on the Parish Council."

"Meeting people in Northchurch in the campaign was a real pleasure and I hope to get to know even more of you over the coming months. I will listen to your ideas, take on board your suggestions and do my best to help. I will stand up for Northchurch and work with others to achieve what is best for the whole community. When you need help, I want you to know that I am approachable and will do all that I can for you."

"I've met many interesting and welcoming residents during the campaign and I feel that the people of Northchurch are its most valuable asset. I look forward to serving you all."

County Cllr Nick Hollinghurst, who advised Lara on highways issues, said,

"Lara Pringle is a local parent with a legal background and 25 years experience in public service. She will be able to represent you effectively and to make the case for Northchurch. These by-elections were taken seriously and showed the strength of support for Lara and the Lib Dems. We will do our best to live up to that responsibility."

He added, "This welcome success is part of a trend - up and down the country the Conservatie support is crumbling away."