Victory for North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats

May 7, 2018 5:45 PM
Originally published by North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats

The North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats performed credibly in the local election campaigns. Despite the area boasting a reputation as a Conservative stronghold, our candidates demonstrated clearly that it isn't the case.

We targeted three council seats in the election and we managed to win all three. Sam Collins, Lisa Nash and Ruth Lib Dem Victory NHDCBrown won Hitchin Highbury, Knebworth and Royston Heath respectively. This doubled our representation on the council and helped the Liberal Democrats secure over 20% of the votes cast in this election - 16% above the party's national projection.

Each victory was won in different ways. Ruth's campaign was another demonstration of how effective discipline and organisation has been in building a foothold in Royston. Sam's campaign turned his natural energy into campaign activity, with a torrent of literature and continual door knocking convincing voters to turnout for him. And Lisa won an astonishing victory off the back of her work to save the local pub, shifting the party from a distant third to an outright victory in the course of one election campaign.

But all of these campaigns did share one thing in common: they benefitted from the support of members from across the area. Deliveries, canvassing, support on social media and even putting up posters all helped our candidates to victory, demonstrating how much everyone in the party plays a part in our successes.

So, would you like to volunteer some of your time to help the local party in the future? We're looking for:

  • Deliverers who are willing to push letters and leaflets through doors, helping to get our message out.
  • Canvassers who are happy to help us knock on doors, survey residents and gather the data that allows us to win big.
  • Candidates who are willing to step forward and represent their local areas in the future, giving local residents a real say in the local area.

If you'd like to support in any of these ways, then we'd love to hear from you. Simply email with a quick outline of how you'd like to help and we'll be in touch.

P.S We're also running a Lib Dem Pint on Thursday 17 th May at The Radcliffe Arms to allow our activists to come together to celebrate. Confirm your attendance on Facebook or by emailing George Osborn at