Conservatives and Labour back Lib Dem bid for extra money for highways repairs

March 28, 2018 9:37 PM
Dismay at potholes

Cllr Maggie Parker (left) and Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst (right)

At a full council meeting of Herts County Council, in an almost unprecedented show of unity, all three political parties were united in calling on the government to release more funds to deal with crumbling roads. They also highlighted the problems of defects in footways and cycleways that needed attention.

Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst, who proposed the motion said, "As everyone knows, I and the Liberal Democrats are always campaigning for the need to invest more in ensuring our roads and footways are kept in better repair. At last the Conservatives at county hall and the government, in a small way, are it seems listening."

"On Monday night the government agreed to give the county another £1.8m towards pothole repairs. It's not enough but better than nothing."

"The Local Government Association , which consists of all parties, has been campaigning for a better deal and has pointed out the massive shortfall in money (some £9 billion for the UK) needed to keep our roads, cycle ways and footways in good order."

"Having started this debate by tabling a motion at the full council meeting I was pleased that all parties voted for the agreed motion. At last they are listening. Now we need the government to cough up and deal with this problem that is affecting the country's economic and housing growth."

County Councilor Stephen Giles-Medhurst made a special plea for more action on footway defects.

Cllr Giles-Medhurst said "This could not be more relevant as last night a resident sent me a set of photos showing her injuries caused by a trip hazard in Clarendon Road, Watford - it could not be a more forceful reminder of the problems that need addressing. After all, whilst vehicles have suspension to at least deal with most potholes a trip can result in hospital, time off work and more costs to society and the person."