A Black Night for the Tories Last Thursday as they Lost Every One of the Six Seats they were Defending on Principal Councils

Ballot BoxIncluding of course the Liberal Democrat's spectacular win in Dacorum's Northchurch Ward with a 36% swing, the Tories actually lost all of the six council seats they were defending that night. This is symptomatic of their steady decline as a viable political party.

In Dacorum (Northchurch) they lost to the Liberal Democrats.
In East Hampshire (Petersfield, Bell Hill) they lost to an independent.

In Nottingham UA (Wollerton West) they lost to Labour
In Rutland UA (Oakham SE) they lost to an independent
In Westhoughton TC (White Horse Ward) they lost to the Liberal Democrats
In Medway UA (Rochester West) they lost to the Liberal Democrats

The Tories did manage to hold the West Ward on Peacehaven Town Council in their 7th defence of the night.

Labour made one gain from the Tories (in Nottingham, as above) but in Bolton they lost the Farnley Ward to an independent.

The Liberal Democrats suffered no losses, made three gains from the Tories (as above) and held Denton Ward on Newhaven Town Council. This means the Liberal Democrats clearly had the best of the night.

Despite present appearances, the Tories appear to be in a serious decline, with fewer members than the Liberal Democrats they are finding it impossible to run any sort of meaningful campagn in a growing number of places across the UK.