‘County Council Fire Service comments “simply inappropriate” – Cllr Paul Zukowskyj

March 4, 2018 11:22 PM

The proposed cuts will axe 11 out of Leicestershire's 30 Fire Engines.'County Council Fire Service comments "simply inappropriate" - Cllr Paul Zukowskyj

Herts County Council, responding to Fire Brigade Union comments on the evidence that Herts Fire and Rescue response times were the longest ever recorded, have stated "There is no evidence to suggest that this increase in Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service response times has put lives at risk."

Paul Zukowskyj, lead Lib Dem on the Community Safety and Waste Management Cabinet Panel responded "This is simply inappropriate. There is ample, overwhelming and undeniable evidence that response time is a critical safety factor and every moment that passes between a fire taking hold and the fire brigade arriving is crucial."

"I understand that the council want to reassure residents that the service remains ready to respond, but residents deserve the truth, not spin. Herts Fire and Rescue service faces some serious challenges in the coming months and years. We should be honest with residents about the effects of government cuts and of extra traffic on our roads. Our residents deserve no less. The Fire and Rescue Service plays a vital role in our community and needs to be resourced to meet the demands."

Reported comments from HCC in the following newspaper article: https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/hertfordshire-fire-rescue-response-times-1281168