Hints that Grove Road, Tring, Repairs will be done this Year

roadwork signIt's always "seeing's believing" with highway work in Hertfordshire but the Grove Road, Tring, repairs are still scheduled as "some time in the 6 months beginning 1st October".

They are to consist of cold planing to remove top 3 - 4 inches of roadway (where still existing!) and then for a new tarmac surface to go on over the top.

I was very encouraged to see an e-mail exchange recently suggesting that it will have to be done when the schools are closed and that the coming half-term might be the best time to carry out the work. This implies 23rd to 27th October.

There is of course a school in the road.

I haven't seen any sign of a road closure notice, so I must check that out.

Fingers crossed, everyone!