Is your local school falling apart?

February 8, 2016 8:22 AM

Hertfordshire County Council, the Local Education Authority, has confirmed its intended support for school building maintenance for 2016/17, and it is £0.

Responding to a question by Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet member for Resources, Paul Zukowskyj, County officers confirmed the Government grant for school repairs will not be topped up by a single penny from the County Council next year.

Unfunded, but approved and agreed, repairs are running at millions of pounds a year, so many schools face the misery of trying to teach schoolchildren in substandard buildings. HCC were recently assessed as being in the worst 8% of authorities, yet the Conservative administration at County Hall seem unwilling to address such a serious issue.

Paul Zukowskyj commented: "We consider schools and education a central priority. We'll be proposing a budget that includes a significant contribution to fill some of the gap and give our schoolchildren a learning environment they deserve."

Mark Watkin, Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet member for Education added: "Schools face lots of challenges, they shouldn't have to face teaching their pupils in classrooms not fit for purpose. We should be aiming high, not scraping the barrel and being in the bottom 8% is disgraceful."