County Bus cuts ‘driven by dogma, not funding’

December 11, 2014 11:44 AM

Conservatives at County Hall have effectively confirmed that the extensive bus cuts they are planning are driven by the Tory desire to slash and burn public services and not a need to find financial savings.

At Wednesday 10th December's Policy, Resources and Transformation Cabinet Panel, a paper on HCC's finances reported an underspend of over £15m so far this financial year, a figure only likely to grow as the year progresses.

Included in the finance report was a 'transport service' underspend of £756,000, more than the originally intended cut. The very next item, from the same County department, reported another £650,000 saving (from a Waste Management Budget) , this one 'ongoing' so it would be expected every year going forward.

Lib Dems on the panel pointed out that the two savings alone met well over 90% of the newly proposed cut, so asked whether the Conservatives would now roll back on the cuts, as asked for by over 99% of Hertfordshire residents. The answer was very short and pointed. 'NO.'

Paul Zukowskyj, Lib Dem spokesperson for Resources commented: "The cuts are for ideology, not money. The savings are already there, there's just no belief from the Tories that buses are something communities might need. Apparently in Tory-land, if you can't afford to buy and run a car, are young or unable to drive, you're not worth supporting. Paul Zukowskyj

" Perhaps 'I'm all right, Jack, look at my 4x4' should be their new campaign slogan."