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  • Flooding on Bullens Green Lane
    Article: Feb 21, 2021

    Hertfordshire County Council officers have today confirmed to Liberal Democrat county councillors that the Government has cut direct grant funding for the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), the body responsible for sorting out surface water flooding across the county.

    In Hertfordshire the role of Lead Local Flood Authority is filled by the County Council itself. A small team of professionals was set up within HCC 6 years ago with resources and funding to finance its activities. Since then funding has been continuously as the LLFA Grant. This has enabled the team to build up expertise and carried out minor improvements and small flood management works - though any large schemes would need specific grants to have them carried out.

  • Article: Feb 18, 2021

    Liberal Democrats in the East of England have called on the Government to reinstate the EnAble Fund for disabled candidates running for public office.

    With political campaigning made more difficult because of Covid-19, disabled candidates are unfairly disadvantaged. The current Conservative Government should fulfil the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, which states disabled people have the right to 'participate effectively and fully in political life on an equal basis with others.'

    Adam Robertson, Diversity Lead for East of England Liberal Democrats, said:

  • Article: Feb 15, 2021

    Dear David,

    As Police and Crime Commissioner you have overseen the police force in Hertfordshire for the past 8 years, holding the Chief Constable to account and ensuring the service is pursuing your strategic direction.

    It is very important to us that everybody, no matter who they are, receives an equal service and that officers are appropriately supported to do their jobs in the most effective way possible. You will be very aware of the Macpherson Review, which came following the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, which produced a total of 70 recommendations for reform.

  • Flooding on Bullens Green Lane
    Article: Feb 15, 2021

    Hertfordshire County Council officers have today confirmed to Liberal Democrat county councillors that the government has cut direct grant funding for the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), the body responsible for sorting out surface water flooding across the county.

    Officers confirmed that the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) had 'rolled in' the previously separate LLFA grant into the Revenue Support Grant (RSG), a general pot. When asked, officers confirmed the RSG was precisely the same value as before.

  • Cumbrian Coal Mine
    Article: Feb 14, 2021

    By Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Feb 10, 2021

    "The Liberal Democrats have long called for a rethink on plans on for a new coal mine in Cumbria and I am delighted that's exactly what has happened."

    Cumbria County Council now need to do the right thing and throw these plans out, or the Prime Minister must intervene to make sure the coal mine is scrapped.

    "It's astonishing that a new coal mine in Britain is even being considered - particularly the year we are hosting the vital COP26 conference."

    COP stands for Conference of the Parties, and will be attended by countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - a treaty agreed in 1994. The 2021 meeting will be the 26th meeting, which is why it's called COP26.

    Ed continued, "If Boris Johnson is serious about climate action he will call on Cumbria county council to scrap the mine.

    "The Government needs to transform its attitude to the climate emergency. That is why I have proposed a £150 billion green coronavirus recovery plan, reshaping our economy to protect the future of our country and our planet.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2021
    By Mione Goldspink in "The Flyer", February 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink February 2021

    The Agenda for the Full District Council on 13th January (by Zoom of course) contained two very controversial topics. Firstly, the proposal that the Council should make a charge for the collection of Garden Waste, which we dispose of on our Brown Bins. Secondly, that the Council should accept a drastically reduced scheme for the Old River Lane site.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2021
    By Mione Goldspink in The Flyer, January 2021

    Local Matters with Mione Goldspink January 2021

    The startling news about the Old River Lane project was announced last month. The District Council has carried out a financial re-assessment and has come to the conclusion that the figures for a 500-seat Theatre do not add up, and that the project is simply not viable. I and my Lib Dem colleagues are greatly relieved to hear this admission, as we have been questioning both the public support for the project and also its financial viability ever since we were elected in May 2019. I am very angry that the Town has had a huge, monstrous, multi-storey car park imposed on it at Northgate End, in order to clear the way for the theatre which will now not be built. I feel a mixture of relief, anger and anguish.

  • Roofs before greenbelt for solar power
    Article: Feb 8, 2021

    As a borough we need to play our part in generating green energy. But there are huge concerns over plans to create a giant solar farm on greenbelt land in Aldenham. The 320 acre site (west of Hilfield Lane) is the size of twenty fields. It would tear a huge chunk out of our local greenbelt and fence off views from important footpaths.

  • Mayne Avenue, St Albans
    Article: Feb 8, 2021

    Liberal Democrats at Herts County Council are delighted that at last a new root and branch review of how flooding issues are dealt with has been agreed.

    They had been pressing for urgent action on the growing flooding issues.

    In December Liberal Democrat county councillor Sandy Walkington tabled a motion calling for action. This has now resulted in a detailed report to council panels which highlighted the growing problems. As a result, the Conservative administration at County Hall has had to rethink how they deal with flooding and have agreed a root and branch review of the whole issue.