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  • Building site at Paradise in Hemel.
    Article: Nov 26, 2020


    Last week (18th November), Dacorum Councillors voted to do an important "Regulation 18" consultation with local residents, on (drum roll)...

    "The Local Plan"

    The consultation is now live; it started at 5pm on 27th November 2020, and runs until 11.59pm 7th February 2021

  • Article: Nov 25, 2020

    Funding for school children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) will need to be cut if
    the Government fails to address a multi-million-pound gap in funding for the most vulnerable, warns
    Daisy Cooper, the MP for St Albans.

    In her own county, according to figures supplied by Hertfordshire Schools Forum, the deficit is forecast to rise to
    £11 million in 2022-3 and to £19.8 million in 2023-4 for children with 'High Needs'.

  • South Lakes MP Tim Farron has backed the '20's Plenty for Kendal' campaign, an initiative to pressure local authorities into designating major areas of the town as 20 mile per hour zones.
    Article: Nov 20, 2020

    Herts County Council's Highways Panel has voted in favour of a new speed management strategy that will make it harder to introduce new 20mph speed limits.

    At the moment, to introduce a 20mph limit without humps or similar traffic calming, the existing speeds must be 25mph or below in at least 90% of the roads covered. The new strategy changes this to require existing speeds below 24mph in every single road. It also introduces a policy of removing new 20mph limits if speeds remain too high after they have been installed for a year.

  • Child enjoying a free school meal
    Article: Nov 18, 2020

    An Extraordinary meeting of Herts County Council held this morning (Tuesday 17th November) agreed to provide support to vulnerable families and children receiving free school meals through the school holidays up to the end of the Summer half-term next year. In so doing, the Council recognised the growing seriousness of child poverty in society.

  • 48 Tonne Multi-Modal Container HGV (Rail Insider)
    Article: Nov 16, 2020

    The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced a consultion to run from 9 November 2020 to 4 January 2021 about the possibility of a limited trial for heavier HGVs to carry containers of 48 tonnes laden along specified routes starting at a railfreight interchange.

    The core of the proposal is for 6-axle articulated lorries run by specific operators to operate at 48 tonnes, while continuing to follow other existing rules, including maximum axle weights. These operations would:

  • Article: Nov 16, 2020

    Nigel Taylor, DBC Councillor for Berkhamsted explains the strategic planning system, as it relates to housing numbers and the Planning Inspectorate:

    "The way the UK strategic planning system operates at district-level is complex.

    Central Government currently sets targets for where it wants houses built. Then local Councils are, in effect, forced to produce a local plan to deliver the Central Government target.

  • Housing ()
    Article: Nov 15, 2020

    The Liberal Democrat Councillors on Dacorum Borough Council are protesting against imposed government housing demands for the Borough which they feel are excessive, especially in their impact on Berkhamsted and Tring.

    One of the DBC Councillors for Berkhamsted East, Nigel Taylor, writes as follows:

    "The way the planning system operates is complex. The Central Government now sets targets for where it wants houses built. Then local Councils are, in effect, forced to produce a local plan to deliver the Central Government target. Recently the Government has increased the target for Dacorum Council from roughly 430 new houses (set as recently as 2013) to 922 new houses per year.

  • Liz and Adrian at Durrants lakes 261020
    Article: Nov 13, 2020

    Apsley - what to make of the lakes?

    Yes! Apsley has lakes!

    But you'd only know about them if you are in the Apsley Scouts or a keen angler… (we couldn't get closer than these pictures)

    The Conservative Councils at Borough and County levels are sadly neglecting the need to get on and make the Durrant Lakes area more accessible for a pleasant walk.

  • Tackling Climate Change
    Article: Nov 12, 2020

    Whilst welcoming Herts County Council's announcement that it is finally making a start on addressing the climate emergency, Liberal Democrat County Councillors have condemned the Conservative Council's proposals in their "Sustainable Hertfordshire Action Plan" as unlikely to meet the council's target of zero carbon emissions by 2030.