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  • Article: Dec 3, 2020
    'The one about schools'.
    This map shows the proposed primary schools and secondary schools in VERY APPROXIMATE locations.
    Cllr Uttley literally just put them in the housing allocation area to which they relate. It's like pin the tail on the donkey when you don't cheat!
    You may also note the stars by the schools north of Grovehill (eastern site). This is because this housing site and all that goes with it is proposed for after 2038 so isn't even in this Local Plan period. There is an awful lot of time for this allocation to change and so it should therefore be consumed with lots of salt!
  • Article: Dec 2, 2020

    The Development Strategy Topic paper.

    This paper is quite dense (first in a collection of 130 documents published in support of the Dacorum Local Plan), but press on - essentially this is a document which gives context and explains how the Local Plan was formulated.

    Section 3 (local context and challenges) is probably the most interesting part, and Section 5 goes on to discuss why other alternatives were rejected, including lower growth levels, so is also worth a skim.

  • Raffle Tickets
    Article: Nov 30, 2020

    Can you help the West Herts Liberal Democrats get the Resources they need to carry on their political and community activity and their local and national campaigning?

    Help the Liberal Democrats Build Back Better, locally, nationally - and internationally. (We're not turning our backs on overseas aid and development like the Tories!)

    And a very simple way to help would be to buy some tickets in their Christmas Raffle.

  • Article: Nov 29, 2020

    When you come to respond to the Dacorum Local Plan consultation, the response format is a form, with NINE "write your answer in the box and continue on a separate sheet" questions you can answer, in your own words, in order to provide your comments on the Plan.

    These tend to relate, in turn, to particular parts of the consultation documents:

  • Article: Nov 28, 2020
    How to navigate the Dacorum Local Plan Consultation - your Plain English guide to the supporting documents.
    Stage 1: So, you follow the link and arrive here:
    So far, so good. So much text!
    But there's a video. Good place to start? Well, if you want the soft-sell…
  • Grenfell Tower
    Article: Nov 27, 2020
    Councillor Nick Hollinghurst, Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Tring and the Villages has joined in the call for justice for leaseholders in buildings blighted by cladding concerns.

    He said, "Let us not forget 71 people died horribly in Grenfell Tower in prolonged agony and terror. Fundamentally they were killed by a failure of inspection, enforcement and regulatory failure on the part of the state at various levels. To this we have to add the incompetence, deception and alleged fraud by private companies."

  • Indignant Cat (Alex Chambers, Unsplash)
    Article: Nov 27, 2020
    The Housing Targets Imposed by the Government, or The Mysterious Case of the Missing Cap (Easy Read Version).
    The Office of National Statistics is charged with estimating all sorts of things, but among them the demand in the community for more houses. Everyone knows we should be building new houses. The government thinks we should build 300,000 a year in the UK. They put that in their manifesto and they were re-elected in December 2019 with a large majority.
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    Article: Nov 27, 2020
    922 homes per year, over 18 years = over 16,000 homes, in Dacorum.
    Why so many new houses?
    This Local Plan has been drafted to provide for the 922 dwellings per year that national Government have said we need to enable within our boundary. This is rather more than the expected growth in this area (355 per year) because houses are not affordable here.
    Of course, "expected growth" isn't the whole story, because there are thousands of local people - many living in overcrowded conditions - who need properly affordable housing close to good public transport, or walkable to town or workplaces.
    The government algorithm uses an average home price in our area, and compares it with the average earnings in Dacorum. House prices and rents in Dacorum are certainly not *properly* affordable, but the current algorithm forces the vast majority of house building into London and its commuter areas - and that includes Dacorum.
  • Article: Nov 26, 2020
    Consultation consultation consultation!
    If you've been checking Facebook regularly, or have been following Dacorum Borough Council happenings you may be aware that last week Dacorum Borough Council voted by 29 to 18 (with some abstentions) to put the 'Emerging Local Plan' out for consultation immediately. The consultation officially begins on Friday 27 November at 5pm but the draft version is available here for review now.